My goal is to tell you what is currently happening and when I see the next “important short or longer term reversal”. The “reversals” are perfect for “swing traders” and “trend traders”. Day traders like the information for the next day’s trading and the “reversal” updates, that tell them when the current direction is close to changing.

Each market day I analyze the current Elliott Wave pattern and chart counts to determine what will happen and when we could get the next important reversal. Then I issue 1-3 updates during the market day that tell you how close we are getting to the next important “direction reversal”. I also do a nightly update so you know what could happen at the next market day’s open.

My “update communication” with you is via my GroupMail6 system and if I have a problem sending you an email update, I will post the current update on this web site and at the lower part of my “Contact Page”. The email system works great so you can set an “Alert” on your device. That way you won’t have to keep checking for the latest update.

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