My goal is to tell you what I think will happen the next trading day and when I see the next “important short term reversal”. Reversals are currently occurring between 5-7 days and that can change whenever we get a wave change. The “reversals” are perfect for “swing traders” and “trend traders”. Day traders like the predictions for the next day’s trading. Best “low risk day trading days” are when the day and main trends are both going in the same direction.

Each market day I analyze the current Elliott Wave pattern and count the sub waves within the current wave, to determine when we will get the next short term “reversal”.Then I issue 1-2 updates during the market day. I send the updates via email so that the subscriber can “Alert” themselves of a new update.

Then I do more analysis and create a nightly update, that tell you what I predict could happen the next trading day and when I see the next short termĀ  “reversal”. Again that is based on the Elliott Wave pattern and Elliott Wave sub wave counts.

The nightly update is issued each market day, except Friday. The Friday nightly update is replaced by a more extensive weekend report, that is posted on my web site’s “protected area”. The “protected area” also serves as a “backup” in case the email system fails and likewise the email system can be a “backup” to the “protected area”.

Remember this trend analysis is meant to be a tool, along with your other tools, to help you define market direction. The market is built on “fear” and “geed” and is tracked by the Elliott Wave patterns and counts and over time we can see what Elliott Wave pattern is being created. Because Elliott Wave patterns and counts can “repeat”, I can usually determine when the next important short term direction “reversal” should occur.

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