The cost is $200.00 a month and you can now get one month free. To “Subscribe“, click on the lower PayPal button and PayPal will get you setup and you can use your current PayPal account or they accept most credit cards. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can call PayPal before your free month trial is complete and there will be “no cost”.

After you subscribe, PayPal will forward your information to me and I will send you a “Welcome Email”. My “update communication” with you is via my GroupMail6 system and if I have a problem sending you an email update, I will post the current update on this web site and on my “Contact Page”. The email system works great if you can set an “Alert” on your device. That way you won’t have to keep checking to see if I sent you a “new” update.

Paper trade it for as long as you like and then try it when you feel it can help you make better trading decisions. Any time you want to stop the service, just contact “PayPal” and they will “cancel” the service for you.

“Let the Trend Friend help you make more profits and reduce your risk. Be sure to read the Disclaimer section before you Subscribe and when you click on the Subscribe button, you agree to all the disclaimers in my Disclaimer section.”


 I expect a strong rally on Monday – 12/10 and Tuesday & Wednesday down strong.

Happy Trading, Robert (WaveGuy)

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