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This is a “very important reversal” and based on my longer term analysis, we “should” repeat what happened from October/18 thru December/18. That was a wild downtrend ride, of down/up volatility. If you would like to see my amazing solution as to what should happen next – contact me at and request a copy of my nasdaq-100 daily chart.

Many of the popular indexes have already seen their “Death Cross” of the 50 ma crossing over and down their 200 ma on their daily charts. The next move down (my big “C” wave) should result in a total of 20% down, since the old index highs and that is a common stock market definition of a “bear market”.

Also if I my analysis is correct, it’s a great opportunity to take now take your uptrend profits and also take a long term short position ( possible 3 months), until the next big downtrend ends at 13 total big sub waves.. Realize there are going to be some very strong up days on the way down.

Happy Trading, Robert WaveGuy/