Many years ago I started to seek out the correct tools, charts, and technical indicators that would help me identify stock market direction changes.I always felt that there was sequence and order to the stock market and that it was following repeated patterns and counts. I discovered that I was correct and that the patterns and counts will change and after I determine the new pattern & sequence counts, they “can repeat” for many days & weeks.

The most important tool I discovered was Elliott Wave Analysis. You can read about Ralph Elliott on the internet. I am a “short term” Elliott Wave analyst. I use it to identify the repeated “short term” patterns and counts. I also use many standard technical indicators to verify and confirm my Elliott Wave Analysis.

Many traders think that the stock market is unpredictable and it’s random chaos. But I know from experience, that it’s not random chaos and it goes up and down based on repeated patterns and repeated wave and sub wave counts. In other words it has “order & sequence” and that means it can be “predictable”.

I believe the the best time to make money in the stock market is when we are getting close to an important direction change and I call these short term direction changes “Elliott Wave Reversals”.

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