I am Robert H. Anderson of thetrendfriend.com and I provide a new and unique stock market timing service for all traders. It uses Elliott Wave analysis, charts, and technical indicators to tell traders when the USA stock market could “reverse” direction. That includes short term down to the day and longer term weekly and monthly direction changes.

It works well for all traders and is excellent for “swing traders” that don’t have time to always watch the stock market. Day traders like it, because it can tell them about the next day’s trading trends. Example: The best time to day trade is when long term & short term trends are going in the same direction. This increases their success & limits their risk.

My objective is to tell traders what is going to happen “tomorrow”​and when they can expect the next important “reversal”. The best time to make profits is when there is a “reversal”. Anybody can tell you what happened yesterday. It’s amazingly accurate and I do it by providing traders with 1-2 daily updates, a nightly update, and a weekend report.

It’s very easy to understand, because all my efforts are identifing the current pattern and counts and telling you when the next important direction “reversal” is about to happen. Then you make your decision to buy, sell, or hold your current positions.

I have spent 20+ years analyzing the tools, charts, and technical indicators to identify my current methodology. It started as a hobby and then got more serious when I discovered that I was getting “very”​ accurate predicating long and short term market directions. I discovered that the stock market has order and sequence and that means it can be predictable.

My group on LinkedIn is called “The stock Market Trend Is Your Friend”​. I also do occasional articles for Investing.com, TimerTrac.com and LinkedIn.

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