I am Robert H. Anderson of thetrendfriend.com and I provide a new and unique stock market timing service for all traders. It uses Basic Elliott Wave analysis, charts, and technical indicators to tell traders when they could expect the next short term and/or longer term “direction reversals”. That includes short term down to the day and longer term weekly/monthly direction changes. I concentrate on the NDX-100 because of the stronger volatility, but it can also work for indexes, like the S&P500, Dow, and Russell-2000. That’s because they are “usually processing the same wave and sub wave counts”. Realize that can change because of some unusual “emotion” in a index!

It is excellent for “swing traders”. Day traders like it, because I can tell them about the next day’s trading direction. Example: The best time to day trade is when long term & short term trends are all going in the same direction. This increases their success & limits their risk and it’s very easy to understand.

The market is built on “fear” and “geed” and is tracked by the Elliott Wave patterns and counts and over a short period of time, I can identify the Elliott Wave pattern and new sequence counts.. Because Elliott Wave patterns and sequence counts can “repeat”, I can determine when the next important short term direction “reversal” should occur.

I have spent 20+ years analyzing the tools, charts, and technical indicators to identify my current methodology. I discovered that the stock market has order and sequence and that means “it can be predictable”. I also go by the nickname of “WaveGuy”.

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